Paris Street Photography / by Debra Wallace


Black and White, and in Color.

After a week in Paris my step counter was exploding.  I returned to favorite neighborhoods and explored new ones.  The Seine, running through the center of Paris, and the Eiffel Tower kept me oriented as I walked the streets. Spring weather drew people outdoors. 


I set out with a plan to create black and white images in recognition of the late French photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson.  He worked in black and white and spoke of the “decisive moment,” a unique, fleeting moment that brings an image to life. In my street and travel photography I am always chasing that moment. A glance. A gesture. A shadow.

Waiting for the decisive moment.

Waiting for the decisive moment.

I always shoot in color and convert my images to black and white in post processing.  Although I put together a black and white Paris gallery (link below) there are a few images I want to share in color and here’s why.


Limestone is everywhere in Paris.  At the "Golden Hour" it has beautiful tonal warmth.  


Incredible doors can be found throughout Paris.  These two waiters, taking a break along the main street on Ile Saint-Louis, enjoyed being photographed.

Here's a link to my Paris Black & White  gallery. 

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